Room Mist - THINK 9

Room Mist - THINK 9

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THINK 9 includes nine of the most powerful essential oils used to assist concentration, increase alertness, aid creativity and calm stressed nerves. This fragrance offers a contemporary combination of citrus top notes floated excitedly over floral scents of geranium and jasmine and underscored by a mossy, woody complex. Effective bridging notes hold this beautifully rounded fragrance together and transform it into a sheer delight.

Includes essential oils for:

  •     CREATIVITY  jasmine
  •     BALANCE  lavender
  •     CONCENTRATION  lemon
  •     CALMNESS  clary sage
  •     FOCUS  lemongrass
  •     ACCURACY  bergamot
  •     VERVE  peppermint
  •     PERFORMANCE  geranium
  •     MENTAL CLARITY  rosemary

128 mL square-cut Italian glass bottle with silver metal spray pump cap and lid

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