Scented Candle - Think 9

Scented Candle - Think 9

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THINK 9 includes nine of the most powerful essential oils used to assist concentration, increase alertness, aid creativity and calm stressed nerves. This fragrance offers a contemporary combination of citrus top notes floated excitedly over floral scents of geranium and jasmine and underscored by a mossy, woody complex. Effective bridging notes hold this beautifully rounded fragrance together and transform it into a sheer delight.

Includes essential oils for:

  •     CREATIVITY  jasmine
  •     BALANCE  lavender
  •     CONCENTRATION  lemon
  •     CALMNESS  clary sage
  •     FOCUS  lemongrass
  •     ACCURACY  bergamot
  •     VERVE  peppermint
  •     PERFORMANCE  geranium
  •     MENTAL CLARITY  rosemary


50 hours of exquisite light from 100% botanical wax, cotton wick and reuseable glass tumbler, with luxury-length matches included

Individually hand-poured, nothing has been spared in the creation of our candles — the creamiest renewable botanical waxes, the purest cotton wicks and the most exquisite fragrances and essential oils. This means no black smoke, soot or harmful fumes. Simply beautiful illumination and scent.

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